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Komoda & Amiga plus #12

Komoda & Amiga plus #12

Issue 12 of "Komoda & Amiga +", magazine of Commodore and Amiga retro fans, has been released. What's inside? As usual, lots of interested articles, games review, interviews and many more. Paper version is available to purchase here

In Amiga part we will find for example:

  • Tim Wright - interview
  • Flashback
  • The manager
  • Modules from the drawer
  • Worthy
  • Alar City
  • Emulation Zone: Raspberry Amiga
  • Console Zone: Gunship 2000

Price of magazine is 7 euro + shipping costs. There is also Polish version available.

You could also purchase magazine during Syntax Error Retro Party in Katowice 6.4.2019. Portal eXec.pl is a patronize of this event. Details are available here and in Facebook.

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