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Astro Blox Revisited

Astro Blox Revisited

Astro Blox Revisited is a Sokoban style game with some new logic elements. This game has been resented during GAME DEV competition on DECRUNCH 2020 (took 1-st place). Finally we have 34 different levels. The game works on every classic Amiga within 512kb CHIP RAM (pure A500).

In the box we have instruction , DD floppy and bootable CD. The game has been tested on A500, A1000, A2000, A1200, CDTV and CD32. Different kind of extensions (like V2, TF, 060) will not create any problems.

  • Code: Paweł Juen Nowak
  • Graphics: Zbigniew PPILL Pożoga
  • Music: Jakub Aceman Szel±g
You could purchase this game here. This game will be released as free to download by the end of 2020.

Author: Juen

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