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KA59 - mechanical keyboard for A1200

KA59 - mechanical keyboard for A1200

KA59 a mechanical keyboard replacement for Amiga 1200.. for Amiga 1200. It is a complete replacement, no parts from original keyboard are needed. KA59 has been tested with original A1200 enclosures and ones from a1200.net project.

Features: Kailh KH switches rated for 50 million cycles, user adjustable CapsLock LED color, Optional "Alt" - "Cmd" key position swap for users accustomed to PC keyboards. Keyboard is available in two colors options: classic/black and 11 language layouts (to be decided by customer).

It weighs less and takes less place than the original one. It could be important for people interested in adding some extensions for A1200.

One of three different kinds of switches may be selected. Colors indicate mechanical characteristics of switches:

1. Blue switches are tactile, force versus movement characteristic is not linear. As a result, user feels the moment of switching. They are also clicky, thanks to additional element hitting the switch enclosure when pressed and making sound.

2. Brown switches are tactile (nonlinear) too, but have no clicking element, so are more silent.

3. Red switches are linear, moment of switching action has no tactile feedback. Noise level is a bit below brown ones.

KA59 has been designed by Grzegorz Kraszewski and his firm (RastPort). Currently production is being finished and soon it will be available worldwide.

Source: rastport.com

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