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Elbox Computer: Kraków, 06 grudnia 2000  

    MEDIATOR PCI for Amiga 4000

This is another opportunity for us to bring a taste of the future
to all the users of Amiga computers:

The new exciting MEDIATOR PCI for Amiga 4000

MEDIATOR PCI 4000 features:

* PCI busboard for Amiga 4000D in: E-BOX (Power Tower,
  Winner Tower) tower cases
* 5 PCI slots - PCI 2.1 compatible (DMA, Busmastering, etc.)
* 7 ZORRO III/II slots
* 1 Video slot
* The fastest possible PCI design for Amiga, 66 MHz, 32-bit
* Transfer rates between PCI cards up to 264 MB/s
* Ready to run with all the existing Amiga 4000: 68k and PPC
  accelerator cards
* Ready to run with SharkPPC G3/G4 cards

MEDIATOR PCI 4000 is made up of two devices:

a) MEDIATOR 4000 core logic card
b) ELBOX A4000 ZORRO III/II PCI busboard

The PCI to Amiga bridge is a PCI 2.1-compliant implementation
for connecting PCI devices, thus allowing expansion of Amiga
with all kinds of industry standard hardware products.

DRIVERS for MEDIATOR 4000 add-on PCI cards:

* Graphic cards based on processors:
        3dfx Voodoo3 16MB (ready)
        3dfx Voodoo5 32MB (in development)
* Network cards:
        Ethernet 10 Mb/s (ready)
        Fast Ethernet 100/10 Mb/s (in development)
* Sound cards:
        SB 128 (in development)
        SB 1024 Live (in development)
* TV tuner (in development)
* MPEG-2 hardware decoder (in development)
* USB Controller (planned)
* ISDN cards (planned)


ELBOX A4000 ZORRO III/II PCI will be sold as a complete set
with the E-BOX 4000 (Power Tower, Winner Tower), beginning
with 9 December 2000 (during the WOA 2000!).

The MEDIATOR 4000 core logic card will be available in January 2001.

Enjoy the power of your ELBOX additions to Amiga:
for us the future is NOW

Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department