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Interview with Johan Vinet, creator of platformer LUNARK.

At Nindyki.pl you can read an interview with Johan Vinet, the creator of the film platformer LUNARK. The game, which directly references the Amiga classics Another World and Flashback, will be available on all current consoles and on PC (Steam).

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Epsilon's World: X1000 OS4 Updates and Amiga Magazines

Epsilon's World blog published two interesting articles in December. The first was X1000 AmigaOS 4 Updates in 2022, and the second was about Amiga Magazines' past and present. The texts on Epsilon's blog has many good quality photos, as usual.

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Amiga TV

Odtwarzaj wideo

Devils Temple

Every day we present here a Amiga related video! If you have recorded something new, please contact us!

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Amiga Recharge - 1/2023
Amiga Recharge - 1/2023

Welcome to the first "Amiga Recharge" of 2023. Read the short description for new programs and games like: AirScan 1.0A, smb2fs V53.4, AmiKit XE 11.9.0, ACube Systems and TAWS 0.35

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Apollo Manticore V4
Apollo Manticore V4

Apollo Manticore V4 is a new turbo card (from Vampire creators) to Amigi 600 and should be presented during Amiga37 (15-16 October 2022). Inside we will find bigger FPGA (C5) chipset, 3D acceleration and 512 MB Fast.


  • procesor - Apollo 68080 AMMX
  • pamięć - 512 MB DDR3
  • grafika - SuperAGA, RTG, Truecolor 32-bit, 1280x720@60Hz
  • dźwięk - 8/16-bit, 56 kHz, 24-bit mixing, 8 DMA voices
  • FastIDE (CF), 2xUSB, 100Mbit Ethernet
  • microSD

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Buffee for A1200?

Buffee project - this is a new accelerator designed by Renee Cousins and Tim Wacker - replacement of processor in A500, A1000 or A2000. Nowadays authors are working on version for A1200. If it goes well, this would be a base for every 32-bit system 680x0.

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Dread - project still goes on...

"Dread" project (Doom for A500/Atari ST) is still in progress. You could see here on the attached video material. More details are available here: Dread on Patreon.

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Laser Harv (1949-2022)

As we could read on Amiga Forever, Laser Harv has died 5-th of July 2022. He was journalist and writer and Amiga fan since the beginning. He was running AmigaZone.com up to 2010 and wrote about one thousand of articles and reviews connected with Amiga.

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amigaos41 AmiUpdate: the new versions of newlib.library and string.gadget class

AmigaOS 4.1users could their system using AmiUpdate. There are new versions of two files: string.gadget 53.24 and newlib.library 53.80.

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Supaplex is the game created in 1991 by Dream Factory. The source code has been lost, but fans decided to recreate and improve it. So that's how re-implementation was made and OpenSupaplex. Port for AmigaOS 4 was made by Sinan Gurkan.

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Start Emu68 pod PiStorm32
Start Emu68 pod PiStorm32

Let us remind - PiStorm by Claude Schwarz uses adapter to connect Raspberry Pi to an Amiga processor socket to provide fast emulation of m68k processor. The new implementation of PiStorm32 is prepared for Amiga 1200. Within the last days Michał Schulz was able to launch Emu68 using Amiga 1200 with PiStorm32. You could see it on attached video.

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internet The end of RetroAmi

Within the next days RetroAmi shop will be closed. The warranty issues will be processing, but without possibility to purchase.

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scena Decrunch 2022

Decrunch 2022 party will take a place 21-23-th of November 2022 in Wrocław (PL). At this moment we have a draft webpage and invitation: Decrunch 2022 teaser for Amiga with OCS/ECS.

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KA59 - mechanical keyboard for A1200
KA59 - mechanical keyboard for A1200

KA59 a mechanical keyboard replacement for Amiga 1200.. for Amiga 1200. It is a complete replacement, no parts from original keyboard are needed. KA59 has been tested with original A1200 enclosures and ones from a1200.net project.

Features: Kailh KH switches rated for 50 million cycles, user adjustable CapsLock LED color, Optional "Alt" - "Cmd" key position swap for users accustomed to PC keyboards. Keyboard is available in two colors options: classic/black and 11 language layouts (to be decided by customer).

It weighs less and takes less place than the original one. It could be important for people interested in adding some extensions for A1200.

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Komoda & Amiga plus #21
Komoda & Amiga plus #21

The new issue of Komoda & Amiga + has been released. Inside you could find (as usual) lots of great articles, news, interviews and reviews.

Amiga section:

  • Alien Breed
  • UFO: Enemy Unknown
  • B.A.T.
  • What is Amiga in w 2022? part 2
  • Wing Commander
  • Duckstroma
  • Amiga in NASA
  • Uridium 2 CD32

You could purchase this magazine in store. There is also digital version available.

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MACE Tower Defense
MACE Tower Defense

MACE Tower Defense is a classic tower defense game.

Development made by Frank Menzel. The whole graphics and levels were created by Thomas Claus. This game is a synergy of two previous EntwicklerX games.

MACE Tower Defense is available for free (possibility to support authors) for AmigaOS 4 with Warp3DNova, Android (Google Play) and Windows.

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Trevor's blog update

And here we go! The first update of Trevor's blog in current year. As usually, some news and information, but in the short version. Nowadays Amiga Future magazine is the main way of communication for him.

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Author: Rafał Gdaniec


BSzili has compiled RCross for classic Amiga. It is racing game made by Franticware for #hvdosdev2021 competition (took the 10st place there).

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Clarity 16

Clarity 16 is a 16-bits (44.1 kHz) sampler made by British firm Microdeal / HiSoft in 1997 roku. This hardware works using both serial and parallel port. Driver AHI and MIDI input/output were available as well. Czesław Mnich has prepared a small gallery of this sampler for you.

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amiga500 How to achieve graphics similar to 1084S?

John Novak on his blog described how to configure (using shaders i and colors profiles) Amiga emulator WinUAE, to get similar graphics like using monitors Commodore 1084S i Philips CM 8833.

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Interview with Jacek Piszczek

Amiga-news provided interview with Jacek Piszczek, Polish developer who handles of programs Wayfarer and Iris for MorphOS.

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Pidgin 2.13.0r2

Since 19-th of June 2022 all users of AmigaOS 4.1 and AmiCygnix could use the new version of Pidgin messenger.

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Unfinished "Funky Monkey"

Glenn Broadway (graphic and artist) has published video with unfinished game "Funky Monkey". More info you will find here.

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THEA500 Mini - summary info
THEA500 Mini - summary info

As you know THEA500 Mini is available to purchase. You could use it to emulate Amiga 500 as well as AGA chipset (A1200/4000). This computer has a form of mini-Amiga 500 with HDMI and USB outputs. Together with computer you will get mouse (similar to the original one) and pad, which looks like the one for CD32.

Inside you will find 25 already build-in games, but you could upload your own. There are some extra packages also - the last time Polish game Cytadela has been added there.

Before purchasing please take a look at PDF manual (Polish version is there too).

The newest software is available to download and you could find some details here.

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Old, good friends... Welcome back!

Maybe you didn't have opportunity to play in the old Polish adventure game Kajko i Kokosz, but for you know Secret of Monkey Island and Flashback. Do they have something in common? Yes! We have announcements, that all of these games will have new versions (or continuation). Here you could see videos.

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UNITHOR - launched on Kickstarter

The project of the new joystick for Amiga (and other retro machines) has started on Kickstarter.

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Hollywood 9.1 add-ons

Just after update of Hollywood to version 9.1, add-ons were upgraded too: Player, SDK, addon for Cubic IDE and UltraEdit, online doc.

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Hollywood Designer 6.0
Hollywood Designer 6.0

Airsoft Softwair has released version 6.0 of Hollywood Designer.

Designer is a GUI which works with Hollywood. Using it we could create presentations, as well as games and apps which could be compiled for systems AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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Pixel Heaven 2022 - gallery/video

Thanks to Mariusz Włodarczyk (MDW) for his photos made during retro-party Pixel Heaven 2022 in Warsaw. Here you could find also two videos made there.

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Author: MDW

15-th anniversary of Sam440ep

12-th of May Italian company ACube Systems has reminded the process of creation the first motherboard of SAM series - Sam440ep: At that time, we, a bunch of mad amigans, resolved to do our best to bring this hardware to life for all the Amiga Community because it was in dire need of a new computer platform to run AmigaOS. Without the Sam440ep, the future of AmigaOS would have been very difficult. Here you could find schemas of this motherboard.

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gry SkillGrid 1.3

SkillGrid is a free shooter game for Amiga. The intention is to combine a fine gameplay and some new solutions for Classic Amiga. In version 1.3 we have some new improvements: for example additional fire bonus. The game is free, but author asked for any donations for victims of the violence.


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Revision 2022 - Amiga productions
Revision 2022 - Amiga productions

Here are the graphics who won "Oldskool Graphics" competition and top three Amiga demos ("Amiga Demo" category) released during the biggest demoscene party - Revision, which took place 15-18-th of April 2022. Please find also winners of "Amiga Intro" category.

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Komoda & Amiga plus #20
Komoda & Amiga plus #20

The 20-th issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" magazine has been released. this is a magazine for all fans of retro computers Commodore and Amiga. What's inside? As usual, lots of game reviews, great articles, interviews and many more. Magazine available in Polish and English versions

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The new AmiKit XE 11.5+

Marcin "Piana" Pianka prepared the review of the new version of AmiKit XE - 11.5+, which is developed for systems: Windows, Linux and Mac. Please also take a look at video which shows us how to install AmiKit on Windows 11.

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AmigaAMP 3.30 and 3.31
AmigaAMP 3.30 and 3.31

During last time the two new versions of audio player AmigaAMP have been released. In version 3.30 there is multiple choice option in ReAction and also button to adding new songs. ARexx macros are now supported. In 3.31 we had only bug fixes for 68k compilation.

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Emu68 - current status
Emu68 - current status

As we could read on his blog, Michał Schulz did number of fixes/improvements since November 2021 for Emu68. Tge graphics driver works fine and the whole memory is available for AmigaOS. We have SD card driver improvements and two programs from AROS available: Buddhabrot (fractal generator) and SmallPT (path tracer).

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UNITHOR is a name of joystick prototype, which has a retro design and is dedicated for Amiga, Atari, Commodore, ZX Spectrum and all other computers with DE-9/DB-9 port and also for PC with USB port. Currently joystick is in test phase - please join newsletter to get status update.

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WinUAE 4.9.0

Toni Wilen has released the newest version of Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE. The new hardware is supported right now: graphics cards with chipset S3Trio, S3Virge and Voodoo 3 as well as GVP accelerators. We have new JIT and support for FloppyBridge. The full list of changes is available here.

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AmiTube 0.5

Marcus "ALB42" Sackrow has created his first YouTube client for 68k - AmiTube in version 0.5 works in MUI and could search using ULR and key words. Just after we have a conversion to CDXL (OCS and AGA) or MPEG1. Such video is next ready to be displayed using AGABlaster or RiVa.

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audio Turrican Remixes

Bert "D4XX REMIX" Bruggemann has released album Turrican Remix Album Best of Turrican Remixes Vol.1 (cost: 1 euro or more). This album contains 12 new versions of songs created by Chris Hulsbeck for Turrican game.


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artykul Amiga Addict 9 with Alien Breed

The British Amiga magazine - Amiga Addict has been released as issue #9. We have there celebration of 30-th anniversary of Alien Breed game (6 pages). Beside this we have there review of book "From Vultures To Vampires". Cost of digital version: 4,5 pounds.


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Choctris 0.7

Robert "Phibrizzo" Krajcarz has updated (LHA amd ADF) his Tetris clone named "Choctris, which has been released during RetroKomp 2018. We have the new game modes and there is included module player by Frank Wille - Amiga could play musics and sound FX within the same time.

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internet Hans talks about FTP

Hans de Ruiter (ZitaFTP Server) wrote and recorded a video about FTP - File Transfer Protocol and the next versions: FTPS, SFTP and TFTP.


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Komoda & Amiga plus #19
Komoda & Amiga plus #19

The new issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" magazine has been released. This magazine is dedicated for all Commodore and Amiga fans. What's inside? As usually, lots of interesting articles, game reviews, interviews and many more.

In the Amiga section:

  • ArtPazz
  • Nostalgia versus Reality in music
  • AmigaOS 3.2
  • Supremacy
  • Turbo Srint
  • Turbo Tomato
  • WinUAE in practice. New life. Part II

In the shop you could purchase both printed and PDF versions. Languages: English and Polish.

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TerribleFire 1230

Last time we wrote about the new ACA card with 030 processor. Retro32 has similar solution - TerribleFire TF1230. Prices from 170 pounds (64 MB RAM). On the card there is 50MHz processor as well as IDE port.

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amigaforever Amiga Forever 9 "R2"

Users of Amiga Forever 9 could upgrade their packages for free to version 9 R2. This update brings us better mouse and keyboard handling as well as Amiga hard drives. Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.

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Join to eXec redaction!

We are searching for people who would like to join as volunteers to eXec.pl. Would you like to write news, articles and create galleries? The whole work is coordinated using our Skype channel. You work when you have time - no obligatory. Contact: using this form.

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artykul Amiga Addict 8

The British Amiga magazine - Amiga Addict has been released for the 8-th time. The most interesting things - interview with Eben Upton (Raspberry Pi foundation) and discussion regarding Amiga emulation with Sarah Thornton from Red Hat. Cost: 4,5 pounds for e-paper.

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hollywood RapaGUI 2.1

RapaGUI is a plugin for Hollywood, which generates native GUI for AmigaOS (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK) and Mac OS X systems. In version 2.1 we received number of bug fixes.

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AmiWest - promises

During AmiWest we saw two ready products: ES v 2.1 and the new vesrion of DvPlayer. We received info about start of working on Nova Bridge - another "bridge", which supports compatibility with starym Warp3D (so users are able to run the old games). Hans de Ruiter showed Wipeout 2097 on the new Radeon card - which is visible here.

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wideo DvPlayer V54

In AmiStore you could find the new version of DvPlayer (video player). Version V54 supports hardware acceleration of film decoding. All purchasers could also download the proper driver for graphics card RadeonHD SI. Box version should be availabe by the end of October 2021.

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Enhancer Software 2.1

All owners of ES package v 2.0 could download the newest update for this tool using Updater. Version 2.1 contains the newer versions of RadeonRX drivers, update of libraries for hardware video decoding, new Warp3D Nova library, fixes in system commands and updated programs: : TuneNet, XDock and MultiViewer.

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AQB - the new BASIC for AmigaOS

AQB is an idea of creation the new and modern BASIC (compatible with z AmigaOS). It based on FreeBASIC with number of additional Amiga commands. The project is available on GitHub.

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Amiga Future 152

In the newest issue (wrzesień/październik) of Amiga Future magazine you will find review of Dark Angel, Hollywood 9, A/Nes emulator and i AmigaOS 3.2 with Vampire bootloader. The magazine is available in German and English version. Cost: 7 euro or 9,90 euro (with CD).

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raspberry_pi Amiberry 4.1.5 RC

The new version of Amiga emulator for ARM computers (Raspberry Pi 3/4/400, RockPro64) is in progress. Currently you could test Release Candidate of version 4.1.5.

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ssl AmiSSL 4.10

AmiSSL is still updated. The last one has number 1.1.1l OpenSSL. Archive (OS3/4) is prepared by Jens Maus is available here.

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VSC i JetBrains - Amiga add-ons

If you use (as code developer) tools like Visual Studio Code or JetBrains, then you could use add-ons to improve your work on Amiga projects. For VSC there are Amiga E, C/C++, Blitz Basic 2, assembler and Hollywood add-ons. For JetBrains there is support for MC68000 assembler.

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In 1998 TeamTNT has created Boom, which fixes errors and limitations of the original Doom, but without invading the game play. Mots of changes are not visible for gamer (like level creation options). We have number of WAD files prepared especially for Boom. NovaCoder has prepared port of this game for 68k. We have AGA and RTG versions.

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For AGA fans: Turrican 2 i Super Cars 2

How all of AMiga games would look like in AGA version? We have a chance to see it - there are two projects to enable it. the first one is to port Turrican 2 (MS-DOS version) to Amiga 1200. The work is in progress and here you could see how it looks like. The second project is already finished - Super Cars 2 AGA.

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NEXT is the new album by XTD and it contains mainly songs created in 2021. It is available on his site in mp3 320 bit rate for everybody (to listen and download), and lossless (FLAC+CUE) for supporters.

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Pacman 500

Pacman 500 is a try of implementation 1:1 of classic Pac-Man game for Amiga 500. This game supports 50 frames per second and all classic graphics and sounds were moved to the new version. Source code is available on GitHub.

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Deniser project is an idea of building Denise chipset replacement using FPGA. In repo you will find project of the board and source code for FPGA. How to install? Just remove original Denise from the socket and put there z Deniser board.

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spotkanie Pixel Heaven 2021

Pixel Heaven 2021 has took place in Warsaw's Film School and Elektronik cinema between 8-th and 10-th of October. The whole party agenda is there.

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DevPack 1.11

Dimitris Panokostas and Philipp Lonke created a compilation of software useful during any development for AmigaOS 3.x. It is called DevPack - the archive (lzx or hdf) is available on AmiKit webpage, but there is no dependencies with this package. What's inside? Compilers for different languages (C, AMOS, Pascal, Blitz, E), text editors, SDKs and other tools. More info in Readme file.

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amigaos3 AmigaOS 3.2 on A500 (PiStorm)

On Epsilon's World blog you will find another entry regarding AmigaOS 3.2. This time there is more info of PiStorm on Amiga 500.

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oprogramowanie P96 3.1.1

Individual Computers has updated drivers for graphic cards Picasso 96. Changes are on mouse pointer, memory organization and program P96Mode.

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gry Intro Frontier: Elite II writen once again

Mark Watson has done reverse engineering of game intro Frontier: Elite II - whole rendering code is writen once again as well as playing music. The code is available on GitHub and effect you could see here, in your browser.

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RapaGUI 2.0

RapaGUI is a plugin for Hollywood, which generates native GUI for AmigaOS systems (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK) and Mac OS X. There is support for most important widgets of GUI elements, used in modern applications.

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narzedzia SnoopDOS 3.11

SnoopDOS (monitor of Amiga OS 3.x - ) has been updated to version 3.11. You could download it from Aminet.

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oprogramowanie A-Copy

A-Copy is a program similar to X-Copy and it allows to read/write disk images in ADF format on Windows. Requirements: floppy disk drive connected using Teensy USB Development Board.

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gry Space Invaders (in Python)

The classic shooter Space Invaders has been written using Python 2.5.for AmigaOS 4. To be more precise: it is a port of "Lee Robinson's Space Invaders" with add-ons: full-screen mode, never-ending game, possibility to save hall of fame and music on the start screen.

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